Emelie Looft-Trägårdh

Emily Looft-Trädgård

Emelie Looft-Trädgårdh is one of the two founders and former director of the Swedish nonprofit organization Mother and Child Health Association, MACHA. Through local and international projects in collaboration with partners in India and Ethiopia, MACHA works for equal access to Health Care, Rehabilitation and Education for women and children. As a volunteer at MACHA’s partner organization Institute for Indian Mother and Child she has experience of working with NGO’s with a focus on education, child- and maternal care and women empowerment projects. 

Emelie was one of the founders of Global Health Night at Karolinska Institutet, an event aiming to inspire, motivate and connect global health interested students. More than 800 students participated in the first event in 2015. The third Global Health Night was held in 2018, as a collaboration with the Swedish Society of Medicine’s Swedish Global Health Research Conference at Karolinska Institutet.

She is currently a resident at Obstretics & Gynecology at Region Gotland and doing her PhD in Obstretrics and Reproductive health at Karolinska Institutet.