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Burn Patient Management and Rehabilitation

A project initiated by medical students and IIMC volunteers Elisabeth Kennemark and Anna Frisk in cooperation with MACHA.

Burn Patient Management and Rehabilitation is a clinical project at The Institute for Indian Mother and Child, IIMC.

Luna, aged around 25 years, was set on fire by her husband. No public hospital wanted to treat her so she came to the IIMC’s clinic with 80 percent of her body covered in burns. Her wounds were carefully treated and she survived, though with severe post burn contracture and keloids as well as with severe pain and immobility. She was ostracised from her family and her two children.

In the last two years, Luna has had four reconstructive surgeries at a public hospital to minimize pain and invalidity (to a cost of around 2000€). She will need approximately two more years of reconstructive surgery, treatment and rehabilitation. After all surgeries and rehabilitation, IIMC will help her with funding to so she can start her life again.

As an initiative started by two Swedish volunteers currently assisting at the clinic, MACHA is raising funds for this reconstructive surgery for Luna and other women who have fallen victim to this kind of domestic violence, also called “burning bride” and “stove-burning”.

You can contribute

Swish any amount to number: 123 115 96 56
Or send to our bank account: 626-9054
Mark your contribution with: “burn-victim surgery”

Words from IIMCs director, Dr. Sujit Bramochary

“Unfortunately remarkably young women are victims of burns. Most of the time it’s homicide and in some incidence accidental burn. But even in accidental burn – women are the victim because they are cooking for husband and children.”

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