Sponsorship Program

Only 200 SEK per month

Through MACHA, you have the opportunity to sponsor a child with education using IIMC’s Sponsorship Program. The cost is 200 SEK per month and child. It is possible to share the cost of education of one child between sponsors. The fee covers the school fee’s and study material, food, clothes, regular health checks, and healthcare needed by the family. The children come from families where the parents are illiterate and living below the breadline.

Welcome kit

When signing up, all new sponsors receive a welcome kit with a picture and information about the child they are sponsoring. You have as a sponsor the chance to write your sponsor child and stay updated with their education and progress. You can also visit your sponsor child in India.

Over 3 000 individuals

IIMC’s program currently sponsors over 3 000 individuals. MACHA has over 100 children with Swedish sponsors at IIMC and a well-established system appreciated by children and sponsors. In addition to giving a child the chance of a future by giving them access to education, MACHA offers direct contact with your sponsor child and continuous updates from India through our volunteers that can be found on location year-around.

Sponsor as long as you like

You can be a sponsor for as long as you want and if you wish to terminate your sponsorship, an effort to find a replacement will be made. If you like being a sponsor you have the chance to follow your sponsor child’s progress up until graduating from the equivalent of high-school (gymnasiet).

Become a sponsor

If you wish to become a sponsor, send an email to sponsor@macha.se and we will start the process.

Do you want to know more?

See the Documentary about the Sponsorship Program, or contact our Sponsorship Manager at sponsor@macha.se.