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Give away a toilet!

West Bengal, India has a population of approximately 91 million people and 30-40 % earns less than 16 SEK/day. Many do not have access to clean water and sanitation facilities such as toilets. Girls are especially vulnerable. They are often forced to take care of their hygiene in nature after dark, which puts them at high risk of being an object of violence and rape. When girls reach puberty and start menstruating it is not uncommon that many are forced to drop out of school since the schools often lack access to toilets.

Do you want to join us and help girls on the Indian countryside to get access to toilets and a safer environment? Donate to the Toilet Project. All donations make a difference!

Donate a sum of your choice through Swish (1231159656). You may download your donation certificate by clicking this button. Donation certificate

Thank you for supporting the girls in India!

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