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A Long Awaited Journey

I have long wanted to go to India and when I learned that students went to Kolkata earlier years to do their candidate work...

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My Days in India

One of the things that have made the strongest impression on me is the is the trip to Dhaki. We arrived a Wednesday morning...

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Stories from Dukharpur

I volunteered in July 2016. I heard of IIMC in my first week of medical school, but the dream of actually going came later...

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Laughter in a concrete house

One of our missions was to visit the children whose education is being financed by Swedish families. In a concrete house...

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The President of India Visited Karolinska Institutet

MACHA was invited to participate as marshals when the President of India visited Sweden...

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Article About IIMC in Medicor

We are in an extremely hot and green suburb of Kolkata, India. I’m sitting on a bed next to a fifteen-year-old girl. We talk about singing and dancing...

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